Energy Ratings for Residential Housing in Victoria, South Australia & Tasmania
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                                   * We now offer Energy Ratings for Home Renovations & House Extensions*

In Victoria, South Australia & Tasmania, the main method used for performing energy ratings is with the FirstRate5 house energy rating software.
It can be used for a wide range of housing types - from detached houses to high rise dwellings.  FirstRate5  includes all climate zones within Victoria and is recognised as a house energy rating tool under the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme.

As of 01 May 2011, New houses must achieve a minimum 6 Star Rating

Detailed information about the building is entered into the program. This information includes the materials used for construction, i.e. brick veneer; concrete slab; internal thermal mass etc.
Wall, window and floor areas and the buildings orientation is included.
Window frame types; glazing; eave widths; sunlight obstruction from neighboring buildings, courtyards, fences; the extent and type of floor coverings are further items.

We are accredited thermal performance assessors (Energy Raters) with the Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria &. Dept. of Planning SA

Registration no:  BDAV Vic 10/128                                                    


Building Design Partners                   

To achieve minimum acceptable energy ratings is not just a matter of luck ! A good design produced by people who understand principles of energy efficiency is just as important as getting the 'look' of the house right.

Our design partner specializes in energy efficient design while not compromising that 'special look' you are after for your project. Whether your plans are styled towards a contemporary design, the more traditional Heritage appeal, perhaps a ranch style home, or the ultra modern creation .

All this can be achieved with our design partners.

  • The design service features:

Fixed pricing for single and double storey design

Computer designed plans with full 3D capability

Specializing in Owner Builder Projects

Soil tests, Site feature surveys, Slab engineering

Timber wall frames and trusses

Lightweight steel wall frames and trusses

Composite building materials

Energy Ratings For New Homes in Victoria

To assess your project we will need the working drawings/plans for your project (preferably in electronic pdf format). Our assessment time frame is normally within 24- 48 hours.

If initial plans do not achieve 6 star rating, we will continue to work with you (at no extra cost) to achieve compliance.

No doubt you have questions we haven't answered.        

Contact us by phone or email .

Energy Ratings for Home Extensions & House Renovations

To assess your project we will need the working drawings/plans for your project showing original dwelling and proposed renovations or extensions (preferably in electronic pdf format). Our assessment time frame is normally within 48- 72 hours.

Contact us by phone or email for full requirements..


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